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1979 Moody 36 Cc

Discussion in 'Thinking of buying a Moody ask a question here' started by Rosty Vyg, 16/5/17.

  1. I am considering buying a 1979 Moody 36 CC and am wondering how that design differs from the second generation Moody 36 CC, specifically build quality, accessibility of wiring and plumbing for inspection and repairs, accessibility of engine for maintenance, osmosis problems, etc. Considering I am in the US it is impossible to find any info on this model here. Any insight will be greatly appreciated. If anyone owned end of 70's Moody 36 CC please share your experience regarding quality of build and sailing performance

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Peter Wright

    Peter Wright Peter Wright

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    Suffolk Yacht Harbour
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    Moody 425
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    North Sea, English Channel, Biscay
    Hi Rosty,

    I see you have no reply yet so, while I have no particular knowledge of the Moody 36 of the late 70's, I will have a go.

    Neither of the 2 models were referred to by Moodys as 36CC, they were both sold as Moody 36, some rokers add the CC tag to make it clear they have a centre cockpit.

    While they were both built by Marine Projects in Plymouth, and so share the solid, sound build quality of other Moody Yachts, the two 36's are completely different boats the earlier one designed by Angus Primrose and the later by Bill Dixon. While neither is a racing yacht, I would expect the later boat to be quicker and closer winded than the earlier one.

    On the Association Home Page, left side, towards the bottom, you will find a link "Go to boat archives". If you can access it as a guest, you will find a brief description of every Moody model there, including all three versions of the late 70's 36 and the late 90's 36