2x Moody Spotlights

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Martin Lampard

Ready to go to a good home for £5 donation to RNLI. 2 old-school spotlights from my Moody31.

One of them fitted to a complicated wooden bracket, for some reason. Both in reasonable, but not pristine, condition.

Postage at cost.

They'll be going to the tip if nobody wants them.

PM me, or email martin@lampard.net if you're interested.


Simon Hale

Hi Martin. Yes please for my Moody 30 Barley Wine. Just what I need for chart table and ‘the Admiral’s’ reading seat as we have no spots on board they would be going to a good home. I’ll pop the RNLI donation into the tin at the boat show next week if I am the lucky one. Thanks. Simon.

Martin Lampard

Hi, Simon. Sure thing. Just PM me your postal address and I'll send 'em via Royal mail or Hermes or similar. Do you want the wooden bracket as well as the lamp that's in it? I think it was designed to allow the light to be hooked over the chart table bulkhead or something. I have never used it.