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Moody 34 333 or 34

Stephen Powell

Stephen Powell
Temporary Member
Hello last time I posted was last year when I was looking at 33s. Didn't get one in the end. Now in the market again and have discovered the 34/333 and their walk through aft cabins.

Any thoughts on the relative merits (or otherwise) of these models? The 333 wins on purchase price but would value any advice.

Stephen Powell

Stephen Powell
Temporary Member
Having said we are looking at 333 and 34, the 33 is still also a possibility. Does any body have first hand experience of the separate aft cabin and particularly what that means for extended periods aboard?

Pete Rowland

Peter Rowland
Boat name
Boat type
Moody 31 MkII
Cruising area
Stephen, worth watching these guys. They are members of the MOA.


Stephen Powell

Stephen Powell
Temporary Member
Hi Pete and thank you. Yes I've seen these before. They are a great couple. Mr wife is American so the confident, curious, optimistic outlook is a familiar one. Tempered in our case by the sarky, gleeful pessimism of the London born. Except it appears when it comes to the prospect of buying a boat where I manage to foresee no problems whatsoever....