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425 Starboard Berths Question

Thomas Hay

Thomas Hay
Temporary Member
The 425 has a berth on the starboard side in the passageway to the aft cabin. I think may people use this for temporary storage. Can anyone tell me how deep (wide) the berth is?


Barry Cundy

Barry Cundy
Boat name
Boat type
Moody 425
Cruising area
A33E3F1C-148F-40D7-9EA9-78A5C6FF33D3.jpeg C917BD83-D4CD-47F2-940A-31FD3548EA2A.jpeg 741D32A3-0978-45A4-9EE0-5171D7D6B8C6.jpeg
Hi Thomas,
I have just measured the stbd berth on SW, dimensions as follows;
Length 1900mm
Width / Depth 575mm
Height 575mm (bottom of berth to underside of the shelf)
Height side panel at highest point 320mm
Height of side panel at lowest point 225mm

Hope this helps, regards Barry

Thomas Hay

Thomas Hay
Temporary Member
Barry you are the best! Thanks for taking the time to do this and to send the pictures.

peace, Tom