Moody 346 '87 346 going for sea trial

Paul Border

Paul Border
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Hi all,
Thanks for letting me on the board to ask a question or two.
Going to Florida 21-24 JUN 18 for survey, inspection, and sea trial of a 1987 M346.
From what I understand reading through the posts, pay attention to the chain plates, baby stay connection, and rear keel bolts.
Pretty much like any other 30 year old vessel.
Are there any other specific questions/spaces/beddings, or architectural items I need have the surveyor pay closer attention to.
It has a 2005 Yanmar in it with 96 hrs on it, so I'm more about the prop shaft and berings, than the power plant.
I have so many questions, I don't know what to ask, therefore, anything would be helpful and appreciated.
Paul Border

Chris Burn

Chris Burn
Boat name
Boat type
Moody 34
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North Wales / Irish Sea
Hi, might also be worth a look at the rudder post stuffing gland, ...... not a huge problem area but can leak and create quite a quantity of water before you know it is leaking, whilst there, the steering quadrant, some have been known to break, so a look for cracks might be worth it. if it has a linear actuator auto helm on the quadrant this is a good thing, as you can steer with it if the cables fail, but check the attachment. steering cables, if covers are red they may be original .... could still be ok, but may need changing in your time with the yacht. Fuel tank was steel, and can be ok, check it's not leaking if its original. Portlights (windows) can leak a lot as the sealant is getting old, Heads outlet pipe, through hulls ... as you say, 30 odd year old boat stuff
On the whole, these are strong yachts ( apart from the baby stay deck attachment) and not too bad to mend when problems are found, not so very fast, but a joy to sail , safe and comfortable, and comes with the hobby of maintenance of an old boat.
my opinion is biased !
Good luck

Paul Border

Paul Border
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Thank you very much!
This is exactly the type of issue I am asking about.
I'm sitting down with the surveyor the day before and will show him your note.
Will let you know how it went after he finishes and gives me an update.


Paul Border

Paul Border

Paul Border
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Hi all!

We are purchasing the 346 and I have a transport question.
I know the draft is 5ft (5'3" measured at survey), however, does any have the stated height from waterline to cabin top?
This has a hard time I that I may, or preferably not, have to remove.

As always, appreciate any assistance.

Thank you,