Analog Stowe through-hull paddle wheel log transducer. 1 new and 1 used&tested.

Erik de Lange

Erik De Lange
Boat name
Vlissingen, Netherlands
Boat type
Moody 376
Cruising area
English Channel, Belgian & Dutch coasts
For sale:
analog through-hull paddle wheel
diameter 35mm
fitting Stowe instruments
with long cables attached

1 used & tested , the red one

1 new (old stock), the blue one
including new through-hull tube

Both were kept as spares, I refitted NMEA sensors.
Knowing these paddle wheel transducers have a limited life span, are not repairable and hard to come by in working or new condition, there might be some Moody owners interested.
I´m looking for offers around 70€ for the used one and 90€ for the new one + postage.
I have the whole range of (used) Stowe cockpit displays available as well, incl masttop units. Pls send me a PM if interested.
Cheers, Erik (M376)
Pls contact by email:


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