Moody 54 Any advice gratefully received

Mark Barter

Mark Barter
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We are looking for a bigger boat for some long distance cruising when I retire in a couple of years. Our present boat, a Jeanneau 45DS, has been great but we are looking for an upgrade in quality and size. The Moody 54 has caught our eye and we went as far as viewing one in Palma this summer. We plan to cruise extensively although neither one of us quite sure how far that will take us. I would be grateful for any views on this boat and I would also like to now if there are any real problems with them. A Jeanneau dealer told me to steer well clear as they have many issues. In the next breath however he extolled the virtues of a brand new Jeanneau! I don't want nor can I afford a new Jeanneau 54. many thanks

Pete Rowland

Peter Rowland
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Moody 31 MkII
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