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Sylvain Richard

Sylvain Richard
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hello everyone ,

I am Sylvain from La Rochelle , I have a project to buy a moody 422 from 1988 to live onboard and make her sail again.

I visited on few day ago and she is on cradles since almost 8 years now.

So I have a question concerning keel bolt and keel joint.

I hope that someone will give my more information about this point.

I apologize in advance for my poor English.



Peter Sims

Peter Sims
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Hi Sylvain
I think first thing will be to clean the bilge out properly so that you have a clear view of the studs, nuts and backing plates. All are made from mild steel if original so superficial corrosion is an issue if the bilge has salt water in it. A quick look at your pictures and they don't look bad at all.
It is relatively easy to draw one or more studs out while the boat is on the hard but undoing a nut from a stud may be more difficult.
There is loads of information about this on the main forum when you join but usually, when a stud is removed, corrosion is found to be superficial around the part you see in the bilge. Normally the rest of the stud is clean and shiny.
There is plenty of debate about whether to replace with stainless or mild steel but most people (I think) go with the original design of mild steel.

Your hull / keel join also looks to be pretty fair. It is fairly normal with any boat to get a bit of corrosion by the join and it is difficult to clean completely without dropping the keel which is almost certainly unnecessary. The cast iron used for the keel is extremely difficult to clean and coat long term without new corrosion breaking through. Again lots of information and experience on the main forum. For now may be best to rake out the superficial hardened sealant from the join and replace with new. Remember the keel will corrode far more when out of the water than when and you say the boat has been on the hard for 8 years so there doesn't appear to be a problem. You will only see properly when you lift out after a year or 2 in the water.
Good luck with your purchase

Brian Hawkesworth

Brian Hawkesworth
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I completely agree with Peter's comments. My boat was built in 1989. It was surveyed for insurance two years ago. The nuts on the keel bolts were in worse condition than yours and the surveyor recommended them be replaced. This was done and each bolt that was withdrawn was absolutely fine within the keel. It was just superficial rust around the nut and bolt head.

I also agree about his comments regarding the hull/keel joint. Clean it out and reseal. If the boat has been out of the water for as long as you say it has, it's no wonder it has dried out.