Bukh DV20 at Samos Marina

Wayne Hill

Wayne Hill
Boat name
Preveza Greece
Boat type
Moody 29
Cruising area
Ionian Sea
Gday Northern Navigator a Moody 29 wore out the DV20 in June 2018. As we were returning in Sept we opted for a new DV24 swap.
Motor has a reco injector pump 2 seasons ago and was still running when we got to Samos.
Harder to start and making a little oil probably via diesel passing pistons into the sump.Occassìonal temp and oil warnings when going hard. Alternator fine, water and lift pumps fine. Exhaust bend fine.
There is an excellent mechanic in Pythagorion, Samos capable of a reco .. rings bearings gaskets etc. But we wont outlay the cash till we find a needy recipient.
Minimal cost to facitate wrecking or rebuild and reduce waste on Samos.
Wayne Hill
Northern Navigator