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Buying A 1977 Moody 39 Cc

Jared Barber

Jared Barber
Registered Guest
Morning Shippers.

I'm currently looking at buying a 1977 39 center cockpit and was wondering if there is anything specific I should be looking for on the survey?

From what I gather, these early Angus Primrose designs were well constructed but any information would be greatly appreciated.

Save for replacing it all together, is there anything that should have been done to the engine I should be inquiring about?

Also if anyone has a rough price list for things like a new engine, new standing rigging or anything else? That might help me with the sale price.

Cheers all.

Trevor Howard

Trevor Howard
Boat name
Boat type
Moody 33S
Cruising area
Irish Sea
Hi Jared.
I have quite often read of other people having quotes to re-engine a M33 and the costs have been in the region of 7 - 8 K. This has included everything from the mounts to alternator, pumps, Shaft, labour, lift, etc..
There is a gent on MOA who has recently has a total rebuild and retained his Thornycroft for 3.5K
I had a quote recently up here in North Wales for the standing rigging which was 1K this included removal and re-stepping.
These tasks are not unusual so you should find plenty of opinions as to the engine make etc

Not a lot but I hope it helps somewhat.

Rob Whelton

Rob Whelton
Registered Guest
Is this by any chance Pamela C?
We were interested until we read the survey report. The engine in particular sounds like it may need replaced.
I wouldn't expect much change from 10k for a re-engine of that boat.

Jared Barber

Jared Barber
Registered Guest
Hi Rob, No this is not Pamela C. I did enquire as to her and the broker told me straight away that he thought the engine would need replacing. He did say that offers would be seriously considered but all in all, it seemed like a lot of work for our first boat. Thanks for the heads up though.

Trevor, That's all the sort of stuff I need to know. It's good just to have a rough guideline so you know what you can reasonably pay taking into account the work you're going to have to do after the purchase.

I'm going to get a mechanic to have a look at the engine if I decide to proceed because adding another 10k on to the price doesn't sound like a good start to the new year. I'd have no option but to scrub up those rusty sail on, sail off skills!

Thanks chaps.