Clearout - charts/clothing/vents/rope/alternator/raft cradle/sewing machine

Paul Lingard

Paul Lingard
Boat name
Illa Arousa
Boat type
Moody S38
Cruising area
Spanish Rias
I am by nature a hoarder but SWMBO is putting her foot down. So there are numerous items listed on our blog with photos and prices.

14mm Marlow King Braid - now sold
Liros Herkules (new),
Size 3 1/2 and 4 shoes and Henri Lloyd boots,
small and large smocks, Gill & Prorainer,
Musto Evolution trousers (36"),
Size 10 traditional Guernsey jumper,
dorade and other vents and flyscreens,
life raft cradle,
charts (France, Isle of Man, St George's Channel),
West Country pilot, - now sold
spare alternator Volvo MD2040B, - now sold
Pfaff Dorina sewing machine.
Full details and photos plus contact details at:
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