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Considering 346

Discussion in 'Thinking of buying a Moody ask a question here' started by Neil Smith, 19/4/16.

  1. Hi There,

    My wife, I and 2 small kids (6&8) are thinking of upsizing, after 11 years of ownership, from our Trapper 500 based in Portsmouth, to a Moody 346.

    I am 6'3" and often struggle with sleeping / headroom arrangements, particularly on our current boat! Am checking out a few examples with my family this weekend, and wondered if anyone

    (a) could tell me/point me to common problem areas I should look for wear/future expense
    (b) would be open to letting my wife and I join them on a solent sail to see how well they perform.
    (c) has any opinion on the negatives highlighted by Yachting Monthly in their Dec 1983 review on her

    " where we took issue was in the way she responded to the helm...she would [not] track steadily and predictably... to windward she responded unpredictably to gusts luffing up and bearing away in an exaggerated manner. Waves too caused her to veer sharply off course and we found her a hard boat to anticipate. The concentration and physical effort required to keep her hard on the wind made her tiring to steer..."

    Finally - love the association setup. Very encouraging to see such a lively and well managed owners association. keep up the brilliant work!

    Kind Regards,

  2. Sally Ousbey

    Sally Ousbey Sally Ousbey Executive Committee Secretary

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    Moody 35
    Cruising area:
    Irish Sea
    Hi Neil,

    So pleased you have accessed the MOA website after our initial e mails.

    Thank you for your positive comments about the Association, which are very well received.

    I have since e mailed you to let you know of the new 'Temporary membership' class which I feel you will find useful in seeking further information to assist you in your purchase of M346!
    Do let me know how things progress.

    Kind regards
  3. I'm also considering Moody 346's and just downloaded the PDF of the 1983 review.

    It says (in an inset)...

    "STOP PRESS: Since our trials, designer Bill dixon has been called in to look at the Moody 34 and discovered that she had been incorrectly rigger with too much rake to the mast. He believes this would have caused the poor handling. The boat has now been rerigged, and we are hoping to have a second test sail. Unfortunately, the results of this were not available at the time of going to press."
    Has anybody seen any feedback from the repeat test ?

    In a 1996 Group test on Yachting Monthly ...they said:
    "She carried a saturday masthead rig, and was available with fin or bilge keels. She sails well when kept reasonably upright, but can be a handful if pressed in a seaway."

    In 2008 (in a group test), Yachting Monthly said:
    "Chris described her performance as ‘surprisingly good’, while Dick commented:‘she was very light and easy on the helm and accelerated quickly’. James also felt she sailed well for her type. Although the wheel was light and positive, he felt her directional stability left a little to be desired."
  4. Thanks Aidan. I bought the 2008 report, but couldn't locate the 1996 group test on their copy shop fro love nor money :(

    Still, Looks like the opinion of performance has seemed to improve over the years, so will be good to assess an example underway.
  5. George Young

    George Young George Young Executive Committee

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    Moody 346
    Cruising area:
    North Sea, Skagarak, Baltic
    23 years experience of my M346 have convinced me that it is a heavy boat and needs at least 12 knots to get the best out of it, racing qualities are not among its best features but comfortable cruising is! I don't doubt that a 346 empty of all but the bare essentials, set up with special sails and crewed by experts will go quite well but there are much better boats available for that purpose.
    A lot of the problem with the handling of the M346 is the Masthead rig design with an overlapping Genoa, reducing rake to a few inches and a 105% Yankee reduce the problem considerably. A fully-battened mainsail gives an extra 2m2 sail area which helps off the wind,. twin headsails on the Furlex give effortless downwind performance yet still allow reaching and upwind work without resorting to the engine.

    George Young
  6. John Shaw

    John Shaw John Shaw

    Boat name:
    Boat type:
    Moody 346
    Cruising area:
    Hi have a 346 in Scotland and have been in some pretty big weather and she is a fine boat.
    I am not a racer but she is quick enough and the helming issues I have not seen on my boat.
    But as I said I cruise not race. I think the reviews on yachts are the same as cars you put purists on them and they will always find issues.
    Also just had friends on for a week both over 6 foot and no problem. Fore peak was best for them I think.
    In the end it's personal choice but the 346 was the biggest selling Moody by loads so we can't all be sailing bad boats or wrong in our choice!
    Hope this helps