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Considering To Buy: M 36s Year 82 - What Are The Common Known Problems?

Discussion in 'Thinking of buying a Moody ask a question here' started by Samuel Koops, 7/11/17.

  1. Samuel Koops

    Samuel Koops Samuel Koops Registered Guest

    I visited the boat (no survey) and it seems to be in quite good condition. The outside of the hull has been repainted with gelcoat some years ago and looks like new.

    Since I have no experience with this type of boat, i'm asking for the week points of this model to check for.

    It was told to me, that the boat has no attached keel. I have not found any design plans on the internet jet and the few pictures on the net are not of a kind tell me what is the case.

    Thanks in advance for Your help.

    With kind regards