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Eclipse Tank Concerns.

Discussion in 'Thinking of buying a Moody ask a question here' started by David Barrett, 27/10/16.

  1. I am very interested in purchasing an Eclipse 33 which seems to tick all the boxes except for concerns that I have with the fuel and water tanks which I note have been highlighted by Paul Crickmore in his helpful response to John Bonner back in July.

    The fuel tank in particular is heavily rusted being steel and I can only access part. The aluminium water tanks are also showing signs of corrosion. How worried should I be? Ideally I would like to get them replaced but this seems to be an impossible job as the boat was apparently built around them.

    Great owners site, hope you can help.
    David Barrett
  2. Paul Cleaver

    Paul Cleaver Paul Cleaver

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    Moody Eclipse 33
    Cruising area:
    South Wales
    Hi Dave.

    I've replaced the fuel tank and it's not too bad to get out. You have to cut off the lug welded to the forward port edge, then with some thin carpet over the edges of the hatch it can be persuaded to come out - but it's very heavy!
    I had a stainless steel replacement made about 10mm narrower so it would be easier to refit, although I'd have gone for the TekTanks option but the lead time was too long when I needed it.

    My water tanks are the original aluminium ones and although there are signs of corrosion they are not leaking, at the moment. I know some owners have replaced them and apparently it's not a bad job. The port tank will probably require the batteries to be removed so it can slide aft and starboard. The centre tank slides aft and up. No nasty cutting or dissemble of woodwork - so I believe. Probably some fun with the filler hose though.

    Should you be worried . . .
    - I'd be worried about the diesel tank as 195 ltrs of diesel in the bilge would be bad, very bad.
    - I'm not worried about the water tanks leaking - if they do then I'll change them. The water is filtered with a charcoal filter before the galley tap, and also through a Seagull filter for the drinking tap - and it tastes fine. The Seagull filter is meant to take out all the nasties so I'm not worried about the aluminium of the tanks, corrosion, water etc.

    This link will give you a good starting point, although the diesel tank is no longer there for some reason.

    Diesel tank : £908
    Port tank : £821
    Centre tank : £906
    All prices include VAT, but I believe there is a Moody Owners discount.

    Lots more info in the Technical Library when you join up.

  3. Many thanks Paul for your informative and helpful response, it is good to know there is a replacement solution the tektank reference is particularly useful.

    I obviously need to revisit my prospective purchase to relate your information to the physical layout of the boat. When you say remove the fuel tank through the hatch I assume you mean the cockpit port ford seat locker access hatch, I don't recall why but my thought at the time of initial inspection is that this would not be possible. Also when you say cut off the ford port edge lug is this also done through the same access? I briefly looked behind the saloon seating which I thought might be an alternative access to with draw the tank ford but took it to be a solid bulkhead in the way.

    Thanks again
  4. Peter Wright

    Peter Wright Peter Wright

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    Moody 425
    Cruising area:
    North Sea, English Channel, Biscay
    Hi David,

    Paul's advice, as always, is excellent. You will need to conside the state of the tanks in any yacht over 20 years old which you contemplate buying - even stainless ones (fuel or water) tend to be built of very thin material and have been known to develop leaks.

  5. Mark Cady

    Mark Cady Mark Cady

    Boat name:
    Boat type:
    Moody Eclipse 33
    Cruising area:
    Poole South Coast
    I too was concerned with my fuel tank and 200ltrs or fuel in bilges. Whilst Paul's advice is always good I don't think Moodys were that accurate at fixing lugs and bits to tanks. I removed mine with a block and tackle from the boom attached to a lug that I bolted to the inspection hatch, but had to cut a bit off from the filler tube as it stopped the tank coming through the locker (The tube overhung the tank ). I had to remove the locker lid to make room. I then took the tank home and removed the inspection plate. I blasted it with a pressure wash inside and out, abused it with a mallet and wire brush in a drill the tank remained intact. After three coats of hammerite on the outside I reinstalled it. That was 7 years ago and so far so good. If the bilges are dry the tank should remain dry.
  6. Thank you Mark. Your removal advice using a block and tackle on the boom could be useful. It might also be possible to do a renovation as you have apparently been able to do. For anyone that is interested I have contacted tektank, as mentioned by Paul the diesel tank is no longer shown on their web listing, but they can still provide one (I understand as a 'special' build) at a cost of £1,134 including VAT with a lead time of 3/4 weeks. So there is certainly some incentive to renovate.
    Regards David.