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Moody Eclipse 33 For sale £29,000. Bilge keels. Afloat St Cyprien, France.

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Richard Perou

Old age finally strikes, at a most inconvenient time. At 80 I am no longer safe to handle a seagoing boat which in past years I have used to cruise the Med from Tunisia to Greece. The reason for the inconvenience is that I was in the middle of a refit , new Beta engine installed, when arthritis struck.
The boat is moored just south of Perpignan ,see http://www.port-st-cyprien.com. It's not so far away , Ryanair to Perpignan, 420 bus stops outside berth.
Berth is also for sale.

Contact me at richarddperou@yahoo.co.uk
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Richard Perou

Lutra now sold subject to survey.

10m berth for sale Y9 St Cyprien 17,000€

Richard Perou

Sadly for me Lutra has been sold.

Who wants a marina berth in the Pyranee oriantal? £149 /m inc power, water, and facilities?