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Moody Eclipse 33 For Sale Moody Eclipse 33 Mark I 1988 Hull #7 Fin Keel

Richard Black

Richard Black
Boat name
Rota, Spain
Boat type
Moody Eclipse 33
Cruising area
Cadiz Bay
All weather deck saloon sailboat with 2 helm stations offering nimble sailing while warm and dry. Excellent all around visibility. All new sails of advanced design and fabric including an asymmetrical spinnaker with top down furling. Fin keel for surprising performance under sail, Easy sail handling from cockpit. Volvo Penta 2003 turbo diesel 43 HP with low hours moves the boat to more than 8 knots maximum and 6.5K for economical cruising. FlexOFold 2 bladed folding prop and a 3 bladed fixed prop. Many, many upgrades including new dinghy and outboard, refrigerator, VHF radio, stereo, water heater, and bimini. Excellent condition overall.... Loaded with equipment....
The boat has a Spanish flag with all taxes paid. Move aboard and cruise the Med without undue complications.
Owner selling regretfully due to change of life plans.
58,500€ Contact Richard at quijotevideo@gmail.com or +34 628-840-494 for specifications and photos. There is a PDF below that you can download to get more details.....
varadero profile01.jpg IMG_20151007_140352.jpg mainsail.jpg IMG_20160131_141102.jpg 20160304_131439.jpg a01PROFIL FLOTS [800x600].jpg


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Christophe Lascombes

Christophe Lascombes
Temporary Member
Dear Mr. Black,
I would first apologize for my bad english, but my only acceptable alibi ist that I'm a french sailor living in Germany. Althoug the sister og my wife have married an eglihman und lives un Plympouth, I don't have big occasions to optimize my english. Neverstheless, I'll try this way.
My wife and I are sorry about the fact that you must yet sell your lovely boat. But it is perhaps a chance for us to "upgrade" to a decksaloon-yacht (we habe an old Najade 900 from 1970, which is not confortable enough for my "Admirality" so we are looking for a DS boat). The Eclipse 33 fits (fast) all our wisches about this kind of "swimming home". We would love to get more fotos and informations about your nice Platero (was her former name really "Carpe Diem"?).
Thank you for your answer.

You can answer me on this site oder directly on my e-mail adress: c.lascombes@t-online.de.


Christophe Lascombes

Philip Shaw

Hello Richard ,is your boat still for sail? I have just sold my Moody and wish to have a yacht with inside steering for sailing up here in Scotland. If it is I would appreciate a full spec.