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For Sale, Telescopic Spinnaker Pole for a biggish Moody

Dick Holness

Dick Holness
Boat name
East Coast
Boat type
Moody 36(90s)
Cruising area
East Coast France Belgium Holland
I have a Kemp telescopic pole to sell, been in my shed for years since I acquired it off someone else.

It's in very good nick despite its age; I recently took it apart to renew the nylon buttons that hold it at each pre-set length as they are prone to UV damage and were in a poor state, but that was really the only thing wrong with it and is now fixed. The ends work smoothly and have been re-riveted on using Duralac. The anodising is in a good state, just one or two minor nicks in it.

It is equivalent in length to the current Selden 072-072-61 pole, although it has a smaller cross-section - the smaller section is 50mm diameter, the larger is 60mm. I suspect the walls on this pole are thicker than the more recent Selden version.

The pre-set lengths are as follows -
Stowed - 2.95m
Spinnaker - 3.50m
Whisker pole - heavy airs - 4.20m
Whisker pole - light airs - 5.27m

A new pole to this spec is over £600.
Asking £200.
Collect from East Kent; or I am willing to deliver up to 50 miles (e.g. to the Dartford Crossing); or I might be going to the Southampton Boat Show, so could possibly deliver Solent area, or off M25 (south) or M3.

pole 1.JPG pole 2.JPG pole 3.JPG

Contact - dickholness (at) gmail dot com .