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Moody 336 For Sale, Whole Or Part

Discussion in 'Boats For Sale / Wanted' started by Dennis Royle, 16/9/17.

  1. Dennis Royle

    Dennis Royle Dennis Royle

    Boat name:
    West Med area
    Boat type:
    Moody 336
    Cruising area:
    'Quintet' built 1989 based in Addaya Marina Menorca. Built 1989. Outfitted for Med cruising. Bimini, extra batteries, watercooled fridge. Sails new 2014, new windows 2016, engine head overhaul 2016, cruising shute, Spinnaker, excellent condition. Contact : Dennis Royle djcroyle@gmail.com, or +34 0722 6211 07