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Moody 37 Forward baby stay

Peter Wright

Peter Wright
Boat name
Suffolk Yacht Harbour
Boat type
Moody 425
Cruising area
North Sea, English Channel, Biscay
Hi Dom,

I don't know about the 37, but on the later Moodys with babystays the way the chainplate was secured to the deck was not one of Marine Projects better ideas, basically they welded the chainplate to a small length of tube under the deck then glassed in the tube with the chainplate sticking up through its slot. The load is taken by a fairly small area of deck. If the deck is bulging, it may be the same problem - not impossible to cure either by cutting out the original and replacing the tube with a large area plate going as far abeam as practicable or, better still replacing the babystay with forward lowers. Both options have been followed by members as described on the Info Exchange board, if you have access.

A bulge in the deck certainly warrants attention.