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Garmin Ga38 Gps/glonass Antenna Complete With Mounts

Discussion in 'General For Sale / Wanted' started by Richard Readings, 13/9/17.

  1. Richard Readings

    Richard Readings Richard Readings

    Boat name:
    Parkstone Yacht Club
    Boat type:
    Moody 336
    Cruising area:
    English Channel
    Garmin GA38 GPS antenna complete with pole and under deck mounts. No cable. In good working condition. No longer required due to GPS upgrade.

    2017-08-24 15.29.01.jpg 2017-08-25 09.41.47-1.jpg 2017-08-25 09.42.02-1.jpg 2017-08-25 09.47.41-1.jpg 2017-08-25 09.49.35-1.jpg

    £5 + postage at cost

    Email readings@pobox.com