Moody 422/425 Hull and deck construction?

Patrick Vackholt

Patrick Vackholt
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Is it correct that the 425 have sandwich construction with balsa core in both hull and deck? Can´t find specific information about this moore than most Dixon Moody designs have this.

Thanks in advance

Peter Wright

Peter Wright
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Moody 425
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Hi Patrick,

In a word, no. The deck, in common with nearly all grp yachts, is cored (with end grain balsa) but has marine ply in way of original deck fittings. It's worth taking a close look at how any fittings added by owners have been mounted. The hull is solid hand laid grp - when we fitted a bow thruster, the cut outs were over 20mm thick. I imagine the moulded in frames, floors and stringers have some sort of core in them, but have never drilled into them to find out.

I don't even agree with the statement that most Dixon Moody designs have cored hulls, this assertion is only true for those bigger than the Moody 44 and most of Bill Dixons Moodys are smaller than the Moody 44.