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Legacy Analogue Autohelm Radar and SPX5 autopilot

Hi all,

This note is an advance warning of the fact that I am in the process of undertaking a major upgrade of the electronics on Venturia.

The upgrade consists of:
a) replacing the WORKING current SPX5 wheel pilot with an Evolution 200 linear drive pilot
b) replacing the WORKING SL70/72 monochrome analogue radar with a HD digital radar
c) replacing the Navman 5600 tracker with a Raymarine MFD
d) replacing the original NON SELF SEALING through hull speed/log transducer with a self sealing transducer.

Once the refit has been completed in April, I will be offering the following available on ebay:
a) Z268 (SL70/72), monochrome radar display - working as of September 2017
b) Raytheon analogue raydome - working as of September 2017
c) SPX5 wheel pilot controller - working as of March 2018
d) Grey Autohelm wheel drive unit - working as of March 2018
e) TWO Autohelm electronic fluxgate compass sensors - one working as of March 2018, the other unused (it came with the SPX5 wheel pilot system but I saw no need to replace the original)
f) Autohelm Z101 wired remote control for autopilot
g) Autohelm ST6001 autopilot control head display

I will not be offering the Navman 5600 tracker for sale as the rocker button seems to be a little intermittent, although someone might find the, albeit out of date, C-Map card wide area card, covering L'Aberwrac'h to Spain, useful.

I will hopefully also have a rudder sensor unit available, though at the moment, I don't seem to be able to find the end fittings for the connecting rod.

As I say, these parts are not yet available (partly because the autopilot will not be removed until the boat returns to her home port of Vannes, from Port du Crouesty, at the end of the month), but if anyone is interested, then I will undertake to let you know before they go on general sale.

I am also hopeful of recovering the whole of the Radar cable intact (well there is a join behind the headlining) but IMHO it has little value.

Finally, I have at least one, perhaps two, spare belts for grey wheel pilots which may be of interest to someone.


Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher
Boat name
Poole Harbour
Boat type
Moody 346
Cruising area
South Coast, West Country, Channel Islands
Hi Grenville,

I would be interested in the Wheel drive Unit, The Drive Belts and a Compass Sensor, when they become available, as I'm currently getting bits together to fit a system to our 346.

Thanks, Mark
OK, Mark all noted.

I see you are based in Poole. Are you a member of any of the local clubs?
Reason I ask is that I can normally be found at the bar of Parkstone yacht club most weekday lunchtimes.

Unfortunately didn't see your message until today, as I made the last use of the autopilot last week when I came back from Port du Crouesty to my home berth in Vannes and, although I have not yet finished installing the new electronics, there was no real reason why I could not have removed the old autopilot and brought it home with me last night.



John Wilde

John Wilde
Boat name
Swale Marina
Boat type
Moody 34
Cruising area
East Coast
Hi Grenville,

Not sure how you have got alone with this (sounds and exciting project) - but by some coincidence I could be in interested in the all of the bits of the autopilot that Mark doesn't need, namely:

c) SPX5 wheel pilot controller
g) Autohelm ST6001 autopilot control head display
f) Autohelm Z101 wired remote control for autopilot

If you still have this equipment, I'd be interested in discussing with you.