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Lifting keel info?

Rob Whelton

Rob Whelton
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Does anybody have any information regarding the rare lifting keel option on larger Moodies? There's an interesting looking 419 for sale at the moment. My ambition is extended blue water cruising and I'm not sure about the wisdom of having a boat with such large and complex moving parts, especially if maintenance might prove difficult?

Micky Barnes

Michael Barnes
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Moody 41
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South Coast
Rob, Sorry I did lot see your post earlier. I have had a M41 lifting since 2000. The lifting keel arrangement is actually a very simple swing keel with a hydraulic ram however I did have a leak in the electric pump. I contacted the original supplier who said that he had repaired it but it did not last. A couple of year's ago I contacted the firm that manufacturers the hydraulics panel for Southerly Yachts. They were brilliant. Initially I asked for my system, which had various hydraulic pipes and a header tank, to be repaired. But when I saw their system, which was so much more compact and designed for the job, that I asked if they could install their complete system into my front panel. They did exactly that retaining only my change-over valve. See photos. The company is Fluidlink Hydraulics Ltd in Devizes. https://www.fluidlink-hydraulics.com/ Contact Martin Belbin, Operations & Technical Manager. mbelbin@fluidlink.co.uk. If you need them, do mention my name and they can dig out their drawings.

The original Moody method of lowering the keel required it to be pumped down but in practice the weight of the keel caused it to drop without any such requirement. I requested that Fluidlink change the plumping so that it was design to free drop when "Down" was selected. They provided two options for speed of drop but I found that what they selected was perfect.

I do recommend that it is exercised a few times during the season regardless of whether you need to or not. Also check for excessive lateral play when the keel is down. I do have a little play and if it gets worse then I propose to install a couple of wedge pieces rather than take the keel out and renew the pivot.
Hope that this helps and provides a little peace of mind.