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M36cc / M336 Trial Sail ?

Discussion in 'Thinking of buying a Moody ask a question here' started by Steve Hoskins, 10/8/16.

  1. Steve Hoskins

    Steve Hoskins Stephen Hoskins

    Boat name:
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    Moody 31 MkII
    Cruising area:
    I currently own a bilge keeled Moody 31 Mk II, and am thinking of moving up to something more spacious, and with a wheel. I'm very pleased with her, sailing-wise.

    I recently sailed a 1998 fin keeled M36CC which had dreadful weather helm: every time the wind gusted (it was a steady F4) she luffed up by around 30 degrees or more. I also noticed that the autohelm wouldn't hold course in steady wind (we were on flat water): she was yawning +/- 20 degrees on course set. We tried putting a reef in the main and furling away some of the jib, but it made no difference.
    Can anyone reassure that this isn't normal for a M36, and suggest a possible cause of the problem (mast rake ?).

    Lastly is there anyone in the Solent region who'd be kind enough to take me out for a sail in a 36 and a 336 ?
    Copious liquid rewards on offer .

    Thanks in anticipation ......
  2. Dick Holness

    Dick Holness Dick Holness

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    Moody 36(90s)
    Cruising area:
    East Coast France Belgium Holland
    Mine doesn't do it, Steve. Helm is actually very light.
    Too far away for trial sail, sorry.
  3. Neil Eccles

    Neil Eccles Neil Eccles Executive Committee

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    Website Editor
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    Moody 42
    Cruising area:
    West Coast of France and North Coast Of Spain
    Our 336 sailed beautifully and was very well mannered. The sails balanced easily and the wheel auto helm worked very well.