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Mood 40 Hull Identity Number

Discussion in 'Thinking of buying a Moody ask a question here' started by Mike Heller, 19/7/17.

  1. Mike Heller

    Mike Heller Mike Heller Registered Guest

    I am looking at a Moody 40 it is listed as being a 1981 model but I note that the hull identification number is OA5/PJY/79 and I think the '79' is the year of construction. Would I be correct in thinking this?

  2. Peter Wright

    Peter Wright Peter Wright

    Boat name:
    Suffolk Yacht Harbour
    Boat type:
    Moody 425
    Cruising area:
    North Sea, English Channel, Biscay
    Hi Mike,

    Back in those days there was no requirement for UK built boats to have a HIN, but the more forward looking builders, with an eye on the N American market where HINs had been introduced, started putting them on their boats, not in accordance with any national prescription, but to their own arrangement. Having said that, you are in all probability right in guessing that the /79 is the year. If so, it will be the year in which the hull mould was laid up, not the year of completion.

    Depending on when in '79 she was moulded, her completion coulf well have been in the subsequent year, after which she may have been sold as stock to one of the Moody dealers, being sold to her first owner at some time after that. Such a saga could account for a greater than 12 month difference between date of moulding and sale.

    As an example. the "HIN" on our boat is actually a Lloyds Register no. which includes no reference to a date. I do however have copies of the Lloyds Certificate of Hull Construction, issued 25/10/1988, and the build certificate issued by Marine Projects on 01/12/1988. Despite these, she was sold as a 1989 boat on the basis that her first owner acquired her from the dealer, Kip Marina, om 17/03/1989 as shown on the Bill of Sale.

    Frankly. it was all so many years ago that I don't suppose a couple of years either way makes much difference - of far greater importance is how she's been cared for in the intervening years.

  3. Mike Heller

    Mike Heller Mike Heller Registered Guest

    Thank you very much Peter, this makes complete sense to me now. I was mildly concerned as there were a few other issues which raised some questions about this boat, you have been most helpful.