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Moody 27 Upgrade Questions

Discussion in 'Thinking of buying a Moody ask a question here' started by Peter Gladwin, 23/9/17.

  1. Peter Gladwin

    Peter Gladwin Peter Gladwin Temporary Member

    Hi Guys
    Hope to talk to you more often when I've made a purchase! I'm looking at some 27s that lack a couple of things I want. So -

    1. Ballpark price for supply of a Stackpack and Lazyjacks, please

    2. Ballpark price, please, for all the bits to fit single line reefing and take all mast lines to the cockpit. So 8 lines. 2 winches for the coach roof, deck and mast organisers. 2 x 4 clutches and new lines, etc.

    3. What's the life of a Yanmar 2GM20? Original Volvo engine lasted 13 years. Replacement now 20 years old. Do you just see if it smokes?