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Wanted Moody 28 Bilge Keel Wanted

Discussion in 'Boats For Sale / Wanted' started by Richard Langford, 23/9/16.

  1. Richard Langford

    Richard Langford Richard Langford Temporary Member

    My name is Richard Langford
    Tel 07976 712548
    Email Richard@projectimpact.co.uk
    I am looking for a Mood 28 Bilge Keel for my family.
    Although I am happy with the specification I would like to view one with my wife so that she is also happy with my disision. If anyone on the south coast could oblige even if not for sail I would be greatfull.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Graham Allan

    Graham Allan Graham Allan

    Boat name:
    Boat type:
    Moody 28
    Cruising area:
    Hi Richard, have just seen this message, which is a few months old - did you get a Moody 28 in the end?