Moody 346 Moody 346 - purchase advice?

Mark Borthwick

Mark Borthwick
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I am currently seriously considering the purchase of a 346 based in the Clyde and have joined the MOA as a guest to get any feedback or in formation from anyone who has current or previous experience of owning this model. My last boat was a Jeanneau Sunlight 30 which I had outgrown for me and my family also if there is anyone considering selling it would be interesting to get some options to look as well.

All feedback welcome.

David M Harper

David Harper
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Tarbert Harbour
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Moody 346
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Hi Mark,

You will not regret joining the MOA. I bought my M346 around 16 months ago and have found the MOA an abosolute mine of information and advice. I have carried out a number of repairs and maintenence which I would not have otherwise attempted without the advice on the MOA forum.

I keep my 346 on the Clyde and I reckon there are around a dozen more M346 based here. Its always interesting to meet one of these and compare notes.

Your surveyor will give you chapter and verse on whatever boat you are considering. I guess the other things to look out for are the items that have been fitted at the time the boat was built and are now needing renewed. From my purchase I understood the larger sort of items but it took me time and familiarisation to find out other smaller matters. And I'm still working on this list. Among other things, I have repacked the rudder stuffing gland as this was leaking steadily and had not been done before, I replaced the exhaust water trap as this was the original stainless steel one and it was corroded and leaking, and I had the prop shaft stuffing box renewed. Have a good look at the raw water pump. Mine had been leaking and had caused some corrosion to a fuel line below it and also to the bottom of the engine block. From discussion with others I think this is not so unusual with these boats. The pump is not easy to access and perhaps people don't check it out too often because of that, so problems develop.

The boat sails better than I thought it would and is faster than I thought too. I like to keep her flat in the water and take my first reef in the mainsail around 20 kts. Its a well mannered boat and I have found that anyone who is anxious about sailing really appreciates the felling of security given by having a centre cockpit. As you will no doubt have already noted, the accommodation is very good for the LOA.

Good luck and if you do end up with a M346 and are in the Tarbert area, come over and have a cuppa.



Mark Borthwick

Mark Borthwick
Registered Guest
Hi David,

Many thanks for the reply and the very useful information that you have supplied. Believe this or not if I am not mistaken I am 100% sure that I have actually spoken to you during the holiday season in July when me and my family were in Tarbert for a few days and I was admiring your boat - think you were up for a few days with your wife during the weekend and I asked you how you found the 346?? Anyway the 346 is a boat we are still interested in and potentially a nicely looked after 333 if you know of any in Tarbert that are for sale???

Would agree that the MOA is definitely something I would join long term should we go down the Moody route as it certainly seems to be a book of knowledge for anything Moody.

Again many thanks for the feedback and if you know of anyone in the Tarbert area with a 346 or 333 for sale please let me know.