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Moody 346, Should I ??

Discussion in 'Thinking of buying a Moody ask a question here' started by David Trevail, 11/7/16.

  1. Well here I am looking to purchase our first larger boat. My Wife and I and our 5 year old daughter have been given the tip off that a Moody 346 could be the answer.
    I have read many comments and looked at the adverts for lots of boats for sale but amongst it all have not come across that many write ups giving an an emotional feedback! I have gathered that the 346 is a good allrounder and lots of owners have posted information relating to certain specific negative aspects which of course has been useful and written in a very educational manner, but....... I would be really pleased and it would help convince us that it could be the right choice if we heard a bit more positive human emotional feedback!!
    Are there any owners that are really convinced about their purchase of a 346 or is this boat just lots of compromises that will do until we can afford a bigger Moody?!
    Thanks in advance!
    Dave Trevail.
  2. Jeff Williams

    Jeff Williams Jeff Williams

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    Moody 346
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    South Coast
    You will know if an M346 is right for you by going to view several. Buying a boat is as much an emotional event as it is pragmatic. Some people prefer aft cockpit some centre cockpit boats. Personally I much prefer centre cockpit with the advantage of the much larger aft cabin. My M346 is also bilge keel which I prefer for the advantage of shallow draught and the ability to ground (intentionally) without falling over. They sail well enough for a cruiser and yet have a good powerful engine when the need arises.
    Not all M346s are the same. So you will need to look at several to compare condition with price assessing the vendor as well as the boat; which can be difficult if dealing through a broker. I much prefer dealing with the owner as brokers rarely know the boat and it's history and cannot answer detail questions. You should be able to tell that a boat has been loved and cared for by talking to the owner.
    If the boat feels right when you first climb aboard then it may very well be the one for you.
    We have had our M346 for over 10 years and enjoyed every minute of ownership - but we are now looking to move on. She has been large enough to live on for extended holidays yet small enough to be easily handled even without a bow thruster.
    Good luck in your search - you have many on the market to choose from and ours is but one of those.
  3. Neil Eccles

    Neil Eccles Neil Eccles Executive Committee

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    Website Editor
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    Moody 42
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    West Coast of France and North Coast Of Spain
    Hi Dave,

    You can wait for ever to buy a boat - just waiting for enough money to buy a bigger one....

    We bought our first boat very late really - we were then 48. We had some great times, but regretted not doing it sooner. Our kids were that bit older - late teenagers, it would have been really nice to have them aboard as youngsters to share the fun of the water.

    My advice (being an old git) is to go for the best boat you can get this season, just use it locally, get your little girl used to being aboard - don't go out in scary conditions, don't tip the boat when sailing, make tacking, jibing and noisy pursuits fun. Get the little girl to call out "lee ho" or gybe oh". Or in the case of our 3 year old granddaughter a couple of years ago "bingo"....

    It is all great fun really - the French have a great term for us all "plaissanciers" - it sums it up really.

    Sorry I haven't answered your question directly, but I know several M346 owners who really love their boats!


  4. Peter Sims

    Peter Sims Peter Sims

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    Moody 44
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    Hi Dave
    I would echo pretty much everything Neil has said. I can't speak about a 346 specifically but a Moody is usually a pretty good boat. Take account of what Jeff says though. For layout you have to decide if you want centre cockpit with the benefit of a good aft cabin, or aft cockpit with, usually, a bigger saloon. Most of us in the MOA prefer a centre cockpit obviously.
    On boating in general we did have a bigger boat (not a Moody) when our children were the same age as yours and everything Neil says is correct. Don't be too ambitious with trips and conditions but get your daughter involved and you will all have a wonderful time. Now I'm on a 2nd family and, if I was going to live in the UK and sail at weekends my existing M33 would be ideal. Similar in size to a 346 but rather older. In fact we're going to live on a Moody 44 in the Mediterranean. The accommodation is important for us, somewhat bigger than a 346 but same principle. We will be getting our young son involved from day 1. We're really excited and can't wait for the next few months to go by.
    Seize the day and go with the boat you can afford now and worry about upgrading in the future.
    Hope you find the boat you want and enjoy!
  5. Thanks to you all for your advice and comments, I have seized the moment and made an offer on a 346 ! and will hopefully finalize details and price on Tuesday or Wednesday next week.
    Exciting times and a bit of an adventure to sail her back to the UK!
    Once I have the paperwork sorted I can begin the big clean up and polishing process and join the MOA of course!!
    Regards Dave.
  6. Alan King

    Alan King Alan King

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    Moody 346
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    West Country / Brittany
    Where are you sailing back from?
  7. from up near the Baltic sea!!
    not that far really but still a bit of an adventure!!