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Moody 35 moody 35

Mike Neave

Mike Neave
General Committee
Solent Branch Committee
Boat name
Wicor Marine (Portsmouth)
Boat type
Moody 35
Cruising area
Solent & South Coast

Other than all the normal things to check on a 20 year old boat (Mechanical, Rigging etc) the only specific that has been an issue on some Moody 35's is the attachment of chain plates, If the sealing on the deck is suspect where the Shroud fittings go through the deck , then water can penetrate and rot the Plywood bulkhead where the chainplates attach. From the inside it is difficult to inspect as the internal Joinery covers them up. There are Articles in the technical library on this subject and one way to inspect them is to drill a small hole in the Interior Joinery and use an endiscope.

Other than that I am not aware of any specific M35 Problems other than the general issues of Buying a mid 90's boat

Rgds Mike Neave