Moody 376 Moody 376 end 1990 new Yanmar 45 engine , ready for Bluewater

Pierre Pleven

Boat name
Port Napoleon
Boat type
Moody 376
Cruising area
Short story:

Acquisition in 2001 in Cannes, the previous owner made a transatantlantic. Transported on trucks to la Baule, based in St Marine on the Odet, 7 years of cruise in the Atlantic, Ireland, Cornwall, Brittany, Galicia. Prepared in 2008 for an Atlantic tour conducted over one year by Madeira, Canary Islands, Senegal, Cape Verde, Brazil, Amazon (up to Santarem) French Guiana, Antillean Arc, Azores and return to St Marine. Then in 2015 Departure for the Mediterranean by Gibraltar. She is a very safe boat, very comfortable at sea thanks to its heavy displacement and shoal keel, which allows to associate very good marine qualities with a small draft. Movements on water are soft even when conditions become difficult. The boat has been completely re-engineered in 2018 by a YANMAR 45CV ...

Ready for blue water again....

PETUNIA III is sold through AYC broker , commission discount is granted if I bring the potential buyer .

All details on the boat are here

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