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Moody 376 Portlights

Peter Brook

Peter Brook
Boat name
Shotley Marina
Boat type
Moody 376
Cruising area
East Coast
I replaced all my portlights (6) recently on my Moody 376. There were signes of repeated leaking and my headlining also needed replacing. The originals were in reasonable condition, except for 2 that had small (2cm) splits in one place on the outside frame (probably caused by over tightening, with resultant pressure on screws to outside frame). Seaglaze (the company I used for replacements) considered that although they could be refurbished, professional refurbishment would cost as much as replacements. However, refurbishment is a simple (if time consuming task). I am located near Norwich if anyone wishes to see them. I am not after much for them, but if they are useful to another owner... Mobile 07503343233. Email drpeter.brook@gmail.com