Wanted Moody 379 Reversing gear for Bukh DV 36 RME

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Jacques Lebreton-Leport

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a gearbox for my MOODY 379.
Gearbox mounted on diesel engine BUKH DV 36 RME.
This type of gearbox is no longer manufactured sold or even repaired according to dealers in France.
I know that at home there were a lot of these engines at one time.
The MOODY 379, dating from 1979 (mine) its construction ceased in 1982 with only 4 boats.
I would be very grateful if any of you could help me find a used gearbox for about 400 €.
Or, a person would have known of a replacement of a gearbox by a new generation on a BUKH engine DV 36/48 because the engines had to have the same gearbox.
I thank you all in advance.
Best regards.
Jacques Lebreton-Leport

Neil Eccles

Neil Eccles
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Moody 42
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West Coast of France and North Coast Of Spain
Hi Jacques, sorry to trouble you but please don't use ALL CAPITALS in thread titles. I'll modify this post - I hope you understand



Jacques Lebreton-Leport

Jacques Lebreton-Leport
Boat name
Boat type
Moody 379
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Bretagne Nord
Bonjour a tous
J'ai trouvé mon engrenage chez Meedland Chandlers. Un PRM 125 D3 tout neuf.
Kévin Spratt le chef lui-même et son équipe très sympathique se sont démenés pour me satisfaire, et faire une très belle offre commerciale.
Bien cordialement