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Moody 38 Furling Genoa ?150%

Discussion in 'General For Sale / Wanted' started by Wendy Hewitt-sayer, 4/12/17.

  1. Wendy Hewitt-sayer

    Wendy Hewitt-sayer Wendy Hewitt-Sayer

    Boat name:
    Mali Losinj, Croatia
    Boat type:
    Moody 38
    Cruising area:
    CCCBFA80-E34D-4781-BAA8-2CB5A7C1B111.jpeg D393F02E-6498-435D-90AD-D093EC48716C.jpeg A088B774-E860-4A7A-B95C-8F506EF509AB.jpeg

    Furling Genoa in pretty good condition, several years use left, some wear on leach line strip. Genoa replaced too early when I was living tax free and had more money than sense (though I was going on a long trip). The sail’s been stored at home since.

    £100 to anyone prepared to collect from S Wales or Bath, or pay postage.