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Moody 38 (2000s) Moody 38cc For Sale

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John Vare

I'm returning to live in the UK next year and reluctantly leaving behind my 2001 38CC in the USA. "Cambria" is therefore on the market. She is in very good shape, bar a small number of cosmetic details, which I would be happy to reflect in my asking price. She is loaded with pretty well all the stuff you would want, plus maybe one or two extras. She's currently lying at the Eastern end of Long Island in New York State and due to be hauled out very soon. I can provide a comprehensive description including full inventory and pictures on request. Anyone interested should please contact me by e-mail to jvare@hotmail.com.

Michael Mayhew

Temporary Member
John, I have emailed you directly asking for more info assuming she is not sold. Looking forward to your contact. Mike Mayhew