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Moody 40, Mid 1990s

Discussion in 'Thinking of buying a Moody ask a question here' started by Graham Smith, 25/10/16.

  1. Hello lovely people,

    Having abandoned plans to view a 42 (didn't feel right, broker strangely evasive) and a 44 (an honest boat but way too much work needed), I'm now focussing on a very good-looking 1997 Moody 40 being sold by a member of the MOA.

    This boat has had the replacement of the teak / plywood in the cockpit with new teak panels, so that's one common job ticked off, and on paper / screen looks to be a well-cared-for and recently updated boat in good condition.

    I'm viewing the boat this coming weekend. What should I look out for? Does this boat have problems with the rudder tube / seals?

    Experience from owners and buyers of 40's of that vintage especially welcome.

    Thank you in anticipation.
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  2. * I mean this year and model, rather than this particular boat.