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Moody 419 Moody 419 Stolen In Chichester August 2016

Discussion in 'Boats For Sale / Wanted' started by Sally Ousbey, 15/9/16.

  1. Sally Ousbey

    Sally Ousbey Sally Ousbey Executive Committee Secretary

    MOA Position:
    Boat name:
    Boat type:
    Moody 35
    Cruising area:
    Irish Sea
    In my capacity as MOA Secretary, I have been contacted regarding a 1986 Moody 419, which was stolen from her mooring in Chichester over the Bank Holiday weekend.

    From the information I have received, it seems unlikely that the boat will still be in the UK, but I wanted to mention the incident on our MOA forum, so that anyone currently looking for a Moody 419 is aware of the potential that this stolen boat may come to the market.

    The boat is called Xena (previously called Miss G) . SSR709906
    The boat owner is not currently a member of the MOA.

    Kind regards,
    Sally Ousbey
    Hon Secretary