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Moody 42 Cc General Advice

Discussion in 'Thinking of buying a Moody ask a question here' started by Dave Crump, 19/7/16.

  1. I am seriously interested in a 42CC. 2003 model with blue hull. Had an quick look last week and planning to go back for a sail and thorough look at the weekend. (in Spain)
    Any advice on what I should look for would be gratefully appreciated. Recently repainted which looks great but can hide a multitude of sins!!
  2. Neil Eccles

    Neil Eccles Neil Eccles Executive Committee

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    Website Editor
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    Moody 42
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    West Coast of France and North Coast Of Spain
    I haven't much time to answer, we are just leaving for our boat!

    Look at:
    Rudder stock under the aft bunk - is it leaking - ask if the seals have been replaced.
    Condition of the engine - being in the Med it may have been motored a lot which is fine but has it been maintained.
    Port side fresh water tank - is it leaking - check for water in the bilges but sometimes the water tank which is thin plastic leaks a little.
    Saildrive seal - when was it last changed? (recommended 7 years) - check condition in engine room.
    Obviously condition of rigging and sails

    You will find she is a very strong boat which will look after you very well if you buy her.

    Sorry must rush


  3. Michel Woog

    Michel Woog Michel Woog

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    Moody 42
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    Hi Dave,
    I think I may be able to give you some more details about the boat but this would probably be too long to fully explain here in this forum so I suggest you get directly in touch with me at jean@belgi.net - regards.
  4. Paul Holmes

    Paul Holmes Paul Holmes

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    Moody 42
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    Solent /Brittany
    Hi Dave

    I've had a M42 for 12 years and am very fond of it. Blue looks great but I'd want to know the reason it got painted.

    The boats sail well; not very close winded, but nonetheless quite respectable. We took our on a 7000 mile trip to the Med and faced some heavy weather. The boat never faltered and took a pounding in her stride.

    Like all Moodys of their period yours will have been fitted with cheap teak faced ply seat bases and cockpit sole. If this hasn't been replaced yet you might well find it needs doing so soon. The cost is around £2-2.5K; less if you do it yourself.

    The rear lazarets are huge but rely on small scuppers to drain off water. In big seas the seals on the lids can struggle to keep water out.

    The port mounted instrument panel can get very wet if you're in big seas on a starboard tack. Water gets held on the portside seat when the boat is heavily heeled. This is because the lower drain scupper rises above the seat drain hole when the boat is at a leaning to port.

    The teak toe rails are made up of lots of small pieces and bonded together. The bonds can fail which means you might need to screw/glue them.

    As Neil said, the water tanks are quite thin plastic. They're cheap in my opinion. Mine have failed 3 times. A fix is a couple of grand. It's worth taking the seat bases up and trying to inspect the tanks. In my experience the failures tend to be on the tank's tops.

    If you need to replace the hose on the aft heads you'll find it a right pain. Mine involved cutting a hole in the side of the shower compartment (hoses are cable tied behind the fibreglass panel making them impossible to pull out).

    Other than that they're great. I wouldn't buy anything else for the money.