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Moody 42 Rig Questions

Discussion in 'Thinking of buying a Moody ask a question here' started by Dave Crump, 19/7/16.

  1. I am considering purchase of a 2003 42CC in Spain. I understand the rigging is original although appears sound. Can anyone give me a ball park cost on replacement.
    It has in mast furling with a new sail. Is it possible to convert to slab reefing in future or does this need a new mast?
  2. Neil Eccles

    Neil Eccles Neil Eccles Executive Committee

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    Moody 42
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    West Coast of France and North Coast Of Spain
    Hi Dave,

    Quotes for rerig in France Re 5000 - 7000 Euros. U K 4K £

    Slab reeling - I think you can just have a slider track installed, but best check with a rigger.

    Good luck


  3. Paul Holmes

    Paul Holmes Paul Holmes

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    Moody 42
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    Solent /Brittany
    Hi Dave

    My M42 rigging is being replaced this week. The chap who is doing it is an ex Moody rigger and seems to know his stuff. He's charging me £2700 for replacing all the rigging/bottle screws/toggles etc. He's also servicing the head sail and main furling systems. The cost of craning the mast (on and off) is an additional £312