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Moody 54

Discussion in 'Thinking of buying a Moody ask a question here' started by Lisa Towbin, 7/9/17.

  1. Lisa Towbin

    Lisa Towbin Lisa Towbin Registered Guest

    I'm looking at the Moody 54. Wondering if any owners can give me their experiences with them. Of particular interest is
    1. How easy is it to sail - is 2 really enough?
    2. Maintenance issues? Difficulties with service?
    3. Upgrades you think are smart
    4. Anyone done any ocean crossing on one
    5. Average speed
    6. Anyone had solar panels added

    Please let me know how long you have owned your boat & where you sail out of. We sail both out of NY and Cowes.
    Thank you
  2. Pete Rowland

    Pete Rowland Peter Rowland

    Boat name:
    Boat type:
    Moody 31 MkII
    Cruising area:
    Lisa, I have a friend with a M54 who has just returned to Cowes for the winter from the Baltic. However, he isn't a MOA member or at leat not very active. You will find him over on Cruisers Forum.


    Fab boat which I really enjoy sailing on, just couldn't afford to run it sadly. It can easily be sailed by 2 because at 20 tonnes when you stop it in a harbour to tie it up it stays put and doesn't blow off in the wind. Avg speed for passage planning about 9-10 knots. On one trip we came back across the channel too quickly and had to do a circuit of Poole bay before we could get into the Solent via Hurst.

    Adam is also a member of the MOA and busy doing lots of prep work prior to some blue water sailing by the looks of it.

    Last edited: 8/9/17
  3. Lisa Towbin

    Lisa Towbin Lisa Towbin Registered Guest

    Thanks so much!