Moody AC41 (Classic) Moody AC41 Classic

Andy Jones

Andy Jones
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I am considering buying a Moody AC41 Classic, with a view to using it for UK, Med and then transatlantic passages. Does anyone have any experience and views on suitability of the boat for these uses. Many thanks.

Pete Rowland

Peter Rowland
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Moody 31 MkII
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Andy, I think your problem will be they are fairly new boats, so not that many people will have owned one to comment. Compare that to my M31 which is 30 yeas old and hundreds of people have owned or chartered them, so easy to get lots of opinions. I visited a 41AC at the boat show a few years ago and walked away thinking "if that lottery ticket comes up.......

I like the permanent windscreen, not sure on the bathing platform if you want to fit a wind vane for the Atlantic run. Might be worth looking through past entries in the ARC to see if one has completed, but I wouldn't expect there to be a problem with an AC41 doing an Atlantic crossing.