Moody 47 Moody Marksman 47 - Thinking of buying one.

David Golding

David Golding
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I guess this is a request for any information that anyone many have on the Moody Marksman 47 built between 88-91 in Southampton.

I know they were built and fitted out by Moody, but not a lot else.

Wondered if anyone has owned one or knows anything about them or can point me in the direction of any information.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Robert Thomson

Robert Thomson
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Hi I came across this video where one of the youtube sailing channels i watch was visiting their friends who have a Moody Marksman 47.
As far as im aware the 47, 471 and marksman were all variations on the same hull. Solent Venture a 47 was recently listed for sale on here under the sale/wanted tab.Sorry i can't be of more help but im a Moody newbie !