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Moody S31 Moody S31 builders

Theresa Cox

Theresa Cox
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I understand that most Moody S31s were fitted out by Marine Projects at Plymouth. Did they also build the hulls? I've also heard that some were built by Prouts in Essex. Was there a changeover date?

Dick Holness

Dick Holness
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Moody 36(90s)
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They were built at Marine Projects until about 1998, I think. The moulds were then transferred to Prouts at Canvey Island, who built a number of boats badged as 'Excel 31', many of them for the charter market I believe (and most of those for Neilsons) and at least some of those charter boats had a less comprehensive fit-out below decks.
If you are hoping to find any of the moulds I'm afraid you are out of luck. A few years ago I visited the yard where Prouts used to be, and actually met a chap who'd worked on the Moodys - he told me that when production ended (in around 2000/2001) they had been told to destroy them.