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Pilots For Mediterranean

Discussion in 'General For Sale / Wanted' started by Martin Courtis, 29/11/17.

  1. Martin Courtis

    Martin Courtis Martin Courtis

    Boat name:
    Boat type:
    Moody 376
    Cruising area:
    UK, West Coast France
    Hi All,

    Pilots for sale, all never used. Each £15 including postage.

    Greek Waters ,Imray 10th Edition
    North Africa, RCC, 3rd Edition,
    Islas Baleares, RCC, 8th edition, SOLD
    Costa del Sol and Blanca, RCC, 6th edition, SOLD
    Costa del Azahar, Dorada and Brava, RCC, 5th edition, SOLD
    Med. France and Corsica, Imray, 4th edition SOLD
    Adriatic Pilot, Imray, 5th edition,
    Italian Waters Pilot, Imray, 7th edition.

    Were for cruising which never materialised.


    tel. 0774 269 8366
    Last edited: 1/12/17