• We've just upgraded this forum to a major new version. It looks slightly different and has different menu options.

    Please let me know if there are any issues you encounter with this upgrade, I'm still getting my head round it! Tolerance and a bit of time would be most appreciated.

    Thanks Neil

Please Read - Email Notifications Of Postings

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Neil Eccles

Neil Eccles
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Moody 42
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West Coast of France and North Coast Of Spain
Dear all,

In the course of the upgrade, I have disabled the full text of any reply or notification in the email sent to members. Now you only receive the title of the post and a "View This Thread" button.

This makes it particularly important to make the post title clear. You don't need to repeat the boat type if you use the prefix, but you do need to make the subject clear e.g.:

[Moody 27] For Sale - fine example from 1992 - £19,000


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