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Polar Curves (predicted Speed)

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Glotin Joel

For well know reasons , I am looking for a bilge keels Moody .
As many people I am a little bit afraid about the way they are sailing upwind .
I read many positive comments posted by owners stating that finally they are satisfied .

But to make my final decision, are there any objective polar curves (predicted speed) available ?

I am in discussions for a 35 CC or a S31 , and unfortunately the sellers are not able to provide figures and it is also impossible at this stage to get out on the sea .

Thanks in advance for your help .

Peter Wright

Peter Wright
Boat name
Suffolk Yacht Harbour
Boat type
Moody 425
Cruising area
North Sea, English Channel, Biscay
Hi Joel,

I see you've had no answer to your query for a few days, so I'll have a go.

In the days these boats were built, only keen racers worried about polar diagrams and Moodys are designed for cruising rather than racing, so the polar curves were never published - I suspect they were not even derived.

You can find on the internet some generic applications for generating polar diagrams from hull and rig dimensions and weights, (you will find the data for each type of Moody on the Moody Archive, accessed from the MOA home page) - I'll leave you to judge how accurate these apps are.

The polars published by manufacturers for modern day designs are rarely achievable in practice, rather like published fuel consumption for cars, and if they are it's only on flat water, which I is not often found around the British Isles.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.