Moody 44 (90s) Possibility to rent or charter an M44 (90).

Steve Leonard

Steve Leonard
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Hello members.
Could you please help me, My wife and I are wanting to upgrade our Westerly to an M44 to live on in and spend a couple of years cruising in the Mediterranean.
We spent some time with Mike looking at his M44, a lovely yacht and we think it would suit us nicely.
Does anybody know, if it is possible to rent/charter an M44 for a week or two to "try it out" before buying one.
It doesn't have to be in the UK but it could be Europe.
We appreciate all of the support we have received at present and from the answers they are really practical yacht and very well liked.
If you know of anybody either come back to me via my email or phone 07908218676 Thank you Steve Leonard.

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