S31 Mainsail Reefing System

gareth astley

Gareth Astley
Boat name
Town Quay, Southampton
Boat type
Moody S31
Cruising area
Channel Coast
I have a Moody S31 with a retro-fitted Easyreef mainsail roller reefing system. I bought the boat two years ago with every intention or removing said system and replacing it with a conventional fully battened main and stackpack system. The reefing system is simply riveted to the back of the mast and uses a modified gooseneck fitting and original boom. What I would like to do, before I remove the system, is to find someone who would perhaps like to fit the same to their boat. So the package that would be available comprises the Easyreef system, modified gooseneck, and track to fit on the top of the boom. ALSO a Maxi Roach Mainsail in pretty good condition. I haven't named a price. Its very much up for negotiation especially if the new owner would like to get involved the removal of the system from my boat. The boat is in Southampton for anyone who would like to see the system in action. Gareth Astley garethastley@gmail.com 07836 219250

Stephen Powell

Stephen Powell
Temporary Member
Hello, did you do this in the end? If so how was it? I am looking at a boat with the same system and am considering replacing it with a stack pack.