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Moody S31 S31 or 336

Stuart Armstrong

Stuart Armstrong
Temporary Member
Good evening all, first post but impressed with the forum so far.

I've recently test-sailed a very well equipped S31 and was impressed. A little underpowered under engine I felt but I suspect there was some growth on the fixed 2-blade prop and I'd probably change this to a Autoprop or similar anyway so not an issue. She picked up her skirts once the sails were up though.

My concern is that she might be a little small despite more internal volume than my previous Sadler 34, albeit with less stowage (under saloon bench and cockpit lockers). There are a couple of 336s available for similar money and I'd be keen to hear of anyone's 'lived experience'. I'll be mostly single handing but onboard for a number of weeks at a time, partly for work, mostly for pleasure. There is a lot to be said for the smaller boat - generally cheaper berthing and some cheaper maintenance items, plus being easier to man on my own (coachroof mainsheet easier to reach from the tiller rather than climbing round the wheel for example).

Grateful for your thoughts.

Adam Grater

Adam Grater
Boat name
Oare Creek
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Moody S31
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Uk and France
The skipper and I just spent 4 weeks on our S31 and didn't find the comparative lack of cubby holes an issue. The cockpit locker is vast and there is also plenty of space in the forepeak bins. Perfectly ok for 1 or 2, might be different with 4 on board.
The 19hp is possibly a bit marginal for a 32' boat but she's managed to get us out of a couple of tricky situations. We recently fitted an Autoprop which is a big improvement on the fixed 3 blade that she came with.
Very nice boat to sail.

Neil O'Connor

Neil O'Connor
Solent Branch Committee
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Chichester Marina
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Moody 336
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I owned an M 31II and now have a M 336 II; there are pros and cons as always.

Firstly both boats (S31 and M336) sail very well. The 336 has the advantage of a bigger engine (same 29 HP as the M31 II). However, I believe they were only made with wheel steering. The mainsheet is in front of the sprayhood controlled by lines led back to the coachroof - not ideal if singlehanded, but OK with a decent autopilot.

The big advantage with the 336 is the large aft cabin. You don't get a walk around bed as on the centre cockpit boats, but it is double bed sized with reasonable head room. Also the heads are larger with a separate shower area.

The advantage with the S31 is the tiller set up and access to the mainsheet is easier for single handed sailing. Also, without the wheel binnacle in the way you get more cockpit area.

So it really depends on your priorities. I think if we had owned an S31 rather than an M31 II we probably wouldn't have moved to a 336 as it would not have been a big change - but it was a significant change from an M31 II.

Whatever you get it is worth fitting a feathering or folding prop - we fitted a Featherstream and have been very pleased with it.