Moody 336 Saloon seating

Philip Segaud

Philip Segaud
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I have recently looked at a moody 336 year 1989 . I take it that this is one of the early models ie the Mk1? My question is that the on the boat we looked at it was not possible le to slide between the U shape seat in the saloon and the folding table ! You could step into the gap when the leaf was down but then had to put your legs onto the seat to lift the leaf up!
This seemed odd and wondered what current owners experience getting into the U shape seeting area? Was this rectified in later models or in fact in the Mk2 version? Would appreciate your thoughts and experience of this odd arrangement.

Neil O'Connor

Neil O'Connor
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Haslar Marina
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Moody 336
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Hi Philip

It's the same on the Mk II version. It's just something you get used to - it does make maximum use of the space available.



Philip Segaud

Philip Segaud
Registered Guest
Thank you for your reply Neil.
It seems a very odd design feature when you would have thought the leg uprights could have been moved closer together, opening the entry gap.